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Ever ended up experiencing difficulty with our gadgets? We comprehend your should be useful consistently on which we have set high need. Getting around to making the gadget useful may not be one of your characteristics, but rather it is most without a doubt one of our own which we maintain to exceed expectations and outperform all desires, keeping in mind the end goal to make it workable for you to recover your gadget enthusiastically with our Roku Link Activate Support. Roku set-top boxes are made for the individuals who are not all that well informed. Thus, dear clients, on the off chance that you have any trouble in setting up the Roku player, be guaranteed that our Roku Support group is simply holding up to get notification from you to enable set up the Roku device. We regard your direness and we additionally realize that the sooner the help, the prior you can watch your most loved channels.

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roku com link activation support

Roku TV Remote Issues - Get Roku Expert Help

  • Roku Support manage Roku availability issue and Roku turn on issue.
  • Help you refresh the product’s on my Roku player through Roku Support.
  • We will enable you to beat the issue relating to the poor video quality.
  • Help analyze the issue which says Roku player which unfit to perceive outer USB drive.
  • Help you conquer the issue with the Roku ultra which says no sound issues amid playback.
  • Help you defeat the purple screen that says HDCP unapproved and content impaired with help of Roku Support.
  • Roku Support concerning your Roku unfit to perceive windows telephone application and showing blunder message while beginning the application.

How To Activate Roku Com Link Account With The Help Of www.Roku.Com/Link?

  • The process begins with opening up the web browser on your PC or laptop.
  • In the address bar, you will have to enter ‘www.roku.com/link’ or ‘my.roku.com/link’, which are the activation link URL.
  • As the Roku webpage opens, you need to enter the Roku activation code.
  • You can simply activate Your Roku device if you had created an account on Roku
  • If you are not created an account on Roku, Then you have to create it first after that you will be able to activate your Roku
  • So as to make an account on Roku, you need to open the official site of the Roku (www.roku.com) and then search for the option named ‘create a new account’.
  • When you've come to on the Roku site on the sign-up page, at that point you should add certain data in order to create an account. This data is your ‘email ID’, ‘name’, and ‘password’. After adding this information, click on ‘create an account’.
  • Verify your account using your email ID that you entered at the time of creating an account. You will receive a verification email that you have to use to verify your email. Once your email has been verified, then you need to sign in to your Roku account using the Roku.com/link sign-in page.
  • You will also have to create a pin because it is with this pin that you will be able to purchase a channel or do all sorts of transactions.
  • You will also have to add payment methods, which could be a credit card, debit card, PayPal and so on.
  • In order to buy anything on Roku, you can visit my.roku.com/link.
  • Roku will only charge you for the items you buy and nothing else.
  • Roku offers many channels free of cost, which you can choose and add to your channels list.
  • If your selected channel turns out to be a paid channel, then you can easily buy it using your credit card or PayPal.
  • Roku will offer you 1000 channels when you setup the Roku device.
  • You can include the same number of channels as you need and then, your journey to excellent stimulation will begin. If you come across any issue such as Netflix not working on Roku, then you can call for Roku help.
  • As you add a new channel, Roku is going to refresh and will also display a message regarding the new addition that you have made.
  • Now, you can ready to use the Roku player.
  • You can visit ‘roku.com/link’ in case you encounter any problem in any of the above-mentioned steps.

Roku Com Link Activation Settings

Setting up Roku is a very easy process if you know the correct steps on the Roku website. The setup process we are going to explain works perfectly for all Roku models, so it doesn’t matter if you are using the first Roku model or the latest Roku model, the setup process is going to work like a charm. There is a simple thing that you need to remember, some old Roku models don’t have a port for HDMI wire connectivity, which is used to transmit a video signal to the TV. So, you will have to follow a different process at that time. If you are using an old Roku model, then you need to check as to what’s the video connection type present on your Roku device and Roku TV.

Roku Error Codes

Roku error codes are those errors messages that pop up on your device screen due to any issue. These Roku error codes are different and every code has its different meaning. If you want to identify Roku error codes and want troubleshooting solutions then go through the entire article. We are sure that this article will be helpful to you.

What Are Most Common Roku Error Codes?

Roku error codes seem at the time of streaming. These errors are nothing but you have to resolve immediately for non-stop streaming. But before that, you must know what Roku error codes are. Here, we have mentioned some most common Roku error codes.

  • Error code 001
  • code 003
  • Roku error code 009
  • error code 001
  • Roku error code 014
  • Error code 012
  • Error code 001:

Setting up of Roku will require three things primarily, these are 2 inputs and 1 output. Besides these, you need:

  • An appropriately working internet connection (either wireless or wired). It is prescribed to use a wired internet association as it works significantly quicker than wireless internet. All the latest Roku device models comprise wired internet input. There are a few models that don’t have such an input, so check your Roku model for this input. Wired internet connection will not work on the Roku Express and Roku streaming stick. If you don’t have a wired internet connection, then you will have to use a wireless connection.
  • A reliable electrical power source. There are two types of power that you can use for Roku device. In any case you are using Roku Television, plug it in the power to the Television. Doing this will also power up the Roku device. Once Roku got powered up, you can continue with the Roku link activation process. In any other case, you are using a Roku streaming stick, then you have to connect the stick to the USB port on the Television. Just remember that the device should be connected correctly if you want to work it easily.
  • Note: You don’t need a special power source when using Roku streaming stick, as it will take the power from the port it will connect to. The process of Roku streaming stick setup is quite simple and somewhat similar to setting up Roku media streaming device.

Roku Streaming Stick Setup: It’s different for different devices!

  • Roku TV: All the connections in Roku TV are done internally by the company by itself, so you don’t have to connect anything with it.
  • Roku Streaming Stick: You can connect this stick into the HDMI port of your television. The rest of the Roku stick setup is similar to the Roku media streaming device.
  • Roku Express: In this device, connect an HDMI male connector on Roku Express to Roku TV. One end of HDMI cable will go behind the Roku and another will go behind the Roku TV.
  • Video Selection: If you are not sure as to which port you have connected your Roku device to, then use your Roku TV remote control. It is important to choose the right port with your remote control if you want to watch your favorite movies and shows without any interruption.
  • When every connection has been done, then the Roku logo goes ahead on the screen, which shows us that now Roku is turned on.
  • If the Roku logo does not appear on the screen, at that point your Roku is not working. Along these lines, you need to check it back that everything is properly done with the device or check all the connections. You need to check if your TV is programmed for a similar output of HDMI cable on which the Roku device has been connected with. Make sure the HDMI cable should be connected properly to Roku device and TV
  • On Roku remote, you have to hold the button which names as a present, hold it for 3 seconds. If you are using Roku stick then there is no need to do these types of things thats it. For Roku Stick, you can connect it to the TV in a very simple way and operate with the radio signal. No remote is used because of the Roku TV covers Roku stick completely, in this way, infrared light can't reach the stick.
  • Now, select your preferred language followed by choosing the wireless network that you are using at the workplace or at home. Enter the network’s password and connect.
  • You Roku will start updating its firmware as soon as the internet connection is shown on. You should let the Roku device to update.
  • You have to restart Roku once all the updates are installed.